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Aerial video shooting

Using drones, depending on the area of shooting (and the laws of country) we might be limited to which drone needs to be used for the shot. (For example if your project is on a remote location somewhere on some mountain etc. where there are no facilities or buildings or any people in general then you can save on cost and use a drone like DJI Phantom 4 if you are ok with the video quality). But if your project is in a center of a city or close to an airport we need a special permit / to be exempt from the law and to use one of our high end drones like DJI S1000+, HAMMER X8 (Basically it needs to have 8 or more rotors and a parachute and the operator needs to have passed the test, like the one for car). For more information about getting the permits in specific areas that you are interested to film in (In Croatia or Austria, Italy) contact us.

DJI S1000+ (With Lumix GH4) or DJI S900 (Also with Lumix GH4)
DJI Inspire 2 (With X5S camera, ProRes and RAW)
DJI Phantom 4 (Up to 4K, low end basic gear)

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